Having a Photo Day

Naomi and David set up a large 6m wide studio backdrop within your Dance Studio.

This size enables you to use your stage props to enhance the overall look of the photo shoot.

Large groups are a breeze.  Area required for set up is 8 m2


This service is available for Dance Schools with a minimum of 150 students

Your Studio will receive...

* ALL the Group / Troupe shots supplied on CD for FREE, as well as your choice of 20 extra digital solo images for your advertising, or "Prints" to the same value.

* $1 per image sold goes back to the school as a fund raiser.

* Your Dance Studio will receive a FREE A3 Digital GROUP ALBUM to Help Promote your Dance School on Enrolment Days.


Here are a few tips to allow Photo Day to run smoothly

and less stressful with the right timing!

*Allow 1.5hr for setting up of backdrop, calibrating lights and camera equipment.

*A teacher is to be present at all times during the shoot.BAD 2014_Life Is A Highway_28

*After class leading up to Photo Day, practice a set pose for each GROUP within a 5m x 2m space.

“If the routine has a starting or ending pose, we’ll use that”.

*Have a full length & close-up pose for the individual shots that suits the choreography of that routine.

*It helps especially for the littlies if each child does the same solo pose.


*The older kids can generally do their own pose that suits the choreography of that routine.


*Please ensure they use a "DIFFERENT POSE" for each routine and NOT the same pose they used in their GROUP shot. This way the parents are sure to have photos with different poses for each costume.